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First Post/Explaination

Hi! My name is Rachel - known on as Sissypants. Blood Binds is the result of work and dedication put forth by myself and my co-author hubschrauber. This fic is a labor of love, and we only hope that you will enjoy it.

Blood Binds
But Betrayal Blinds

Authors: janetbaby007 & hubschrauber
Rating: PG-13 to R (When chapters contain sexual or graphic content, they will be clearly marked)
Status: WIP
Length: 38+ Chapters
Timeline: This fic starts in season three, though it holds themes that seem to carry into season four (kind of). In some ways it follows episode 14 of season three (Blowback) because I refer to a character surfacing around then. However, the action really takes place at just before episode 17 (The Frame), but it also includes certain aspects of that. Basically, Lauren's mother killed her father - Lauren's mom is bad. As well as, we know 'The Passenger' is a person. It's pretty easy to follow, enough events are mentioned so that you can understand that sort of thing.
Disclaimer: Basically, all characters original to the Alias fandom belong to those who created them. However this story features a variety of characters both created by myself and hubschrauber. That being said, those characters belong to the two of us. We have, however, selected various actors to portray these characters. Because of that, we are not implying that those actors have anything to do with the fandom, or that we own their likeness.

Blood and betrayal, thick, painful and red.

When she woke up in Hong Kong, realizing that two years had been ripped from her life, only to find that everything she ever knew and everyone she ever loved was different, on blind faith or dense hope she thought she would be able to move on. Now that she finds herself in a very familiar situation, Sydney Bristow will do whatever it takes to prevent a repeat of that nightmare. While the Covenant and the CIA do battle in a game of wits, using Agent Bristow as a pawn, neither realizes the stake K Directorate, led by an old nemesis, has laid claim.

Black Out, the first novel in the Blood Binds series, is a thrilling, seductive story that depicts the lives of those working for and against the heroine. Going well beyond the epicenter of Sydney Bristow, a wide cast of characters is introduced including: mysterious and sexy adversaries, exciting and loveable allies, and enigmatic individuals with unknown alliances. Coupled with the Rambaldi riddle, slowly building and gaining momentum toward its endgame, pulling forth a mystery due to unravel at any time, the stakes are higher than ever.

Caught in the fight of her life – this time she won’t hold back.

Note: Rambaldi is a big part of this story, if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask either of the writers.
'Ship: While a lot of this has sarkney elements, there are other elements as well, like - SV, JI, MC, and others. The story is not about who is dating whom.

Schedule: We are not promising any sort of schedule as to when chapters will be posted, however we would like to say that we intend to work toward having a chapter posted every week. Between postings, we may or may not post such things as: character profiles, fan art, music guides, etc.
Posting: If you would like to post anything having to do with the story, feel free to do so. We love any and all input by readers. Questions, comments, fan art, are all welcome here.
Chapters: Once a chapter is posted, it will be put in the memories for your convenience to find it again, and re-read.
The Layout: Take a look around at the community, hopefully the image is working. If they are, please note that the images down the side are most of the characters in the story - or at the very least the most important ones.

Posting Other Fics: Right now the jury is still out. Once things get started up, and running etc, we'll pose this question to the community and see what everyone thinks. While the intentions of this community are for one fic in particular, the members are still important, as is their work.
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